Stephen & Dearrah Buxton, Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Stephen F. Buxton is a well-known, international preacher.  He began fulltime ministry in 1981, evangelizing for several years with his wife, Mrs. Dearrah Buxton, and two young sons.  In 1985, he pastored in Dinuba, CA, and later in Rialto, CA, before God called upon him in 1994 to pastor Hilltop Tabernacle in Chula Vista, CA.  Since 1994, Pastor Buxton has overseen tremendous growth and revival of the church, from ten members to two hundred saints at present, most of them living in Chula Vista and in the South Bay region of San Diego.  He currently serves on the Global Missions Committee for the WPF, where he is dedicated to building revival churches in the Philippines.  His wife oversees the Ladies and Marriage Ministries at Hilltop Tabernacle.  They have been blessed with 38 years of marriage, two sons, two daughter-in-laws, and five grandchildren.

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